My work is published in Capricious Magazine!






My work is published in De Standaard Weekblad, Belgium




This month I work as an artist in residence at La Ene in Buenos Aires!



My work Interlude: A Temporary Interruption of the Ordinary World @ Torch Gallery

The exhibition is finished, but you can still purchase the work. Write me an e-mail for further information.

Find my pictures in the new Subbacultcha magazine!



Hereby I present the Hans Brinker Budget Trophy 2013 I made for KesselsKramer.




The Morning After is a new monthly photo series I make for Subbacultcha! magazine. The scenes depict a band’s post-slumber lodgings the day after their Subbacultcha! show.




New Visions On Photography @ Torch Gallery // 26 Oct – 23 Nov 2013

I’m happy to be part of it!



My work Accumulation @ Sheet #3 Urban Outfitters



Ringneck Parakeet, which was recently published in Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland, is now available as a limited edition print.

Some of you saw the beauty of death; others loved the composition and colors of the exotic bird. I even heard somebodies mum tore it out the magazine because she was so happy to finally see this bird dead. The bird is beautiful, but ruins her garden.

Please contact me, if you are interested in purchasing this print.




Nice publication @ Magazine DAMnº40 
The talented young Dutch photographer-artist, Annegien van Doorn, made a sculpture with 345 eggs. The eggs balance on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid, and represent the average number of eggs a hen produces in her life. The sculpture is placed in nature, where the eggs are supposed to belong. Van Doorn is slowly departing from her photography work, making more and more videos and installations using daily objects. She has a fascination for squeezing liquid out of bottles and such, placing them in daily situations. A tube of Colgate toothpaste is slowly squeezed empty between a door, and a tube of mustard is emptied by standing on it. All daily acts, but made absurd when combined.




Featured in Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland


De keuze van Erik Kessels/KesselsKramer: Annegien van Doorn, Ringnekparkiet.
Annegien van Doorn heeft feilloos oog voor het alledaagse en is vervolgens in staat om dit “gewone” te transformeren tot het “ongewone”. Door haar aanpak maakt ze monumentale tableaus van de dingen die ze aantreft. Om dit te bereiken, maakt ze gebruik van fotografie, film en performances. Dit maakt haar bij uitstek een exponent van de nieuwe garde van Nederlandse kunstenaars en fotografen die werken in een veelvoud aan disciplines en niet bang zijn om cross-overs te maken. De Ringnekparkiet is een onderdeel van een nieuwe serie genaamd Don’t look at me, look at my teapot! Om een completer beeld te krijgen van dit uitzonderlijke talent zou ik zeker ook haar korte films bekijken.


My latest book Mapping Traces is featured at SELF PUBLISH, BE HAPPY!



Final presentation of my work made during residency at the Pompgemaal of the Mondriaanfund in Den Helder, accompanied by music from the Malcanisten and Poetry by Marc Robbemond.



YOU ARE  C O R D I A L L Y   I N V I T E D  !

My work is featured in Subbacultcha !!!
See the online version of the magazine here 


KK Outlet did use my picture of a dead ringneck parakeet for their dinner series


I’m very proud Erik Kessels chose me as one of the five New Dutch Masters!
(see feature in
Arts Holland Magazine)



More info about the book and the way to get your hands on it click HERE

bookfinal       =============================================================================================== Upcoming months I’ll live and work at the former pumping station in Den Helder. The pompgemaal (pumping station) is an artist in residency by the Mondriaan Fund.
In silence and solitude I’ll develop some new works over here : ) pompgemaal =============================================================================================== My latest work was presented by Hotel MariaKapel at Supermarket Independent Art Fair in Stockholm.
15-17 February 2013 supermarket =============================================================================================== My latest video Domestic Science has been selected for the Best of Proyector screening at Visual Container in Milan.
5-24 February 2013 Afterwards is will be screened at Visualcontainer TV from the 1st March until the 4th of April 2013.
PROYECTOR2013-Visualcontainer =============================================================================================== Exhibition of the new videos Domestic Science and Air Freshener at Hotel MariaKapel in Hoorn.

fullfocus2 fullfocus1 ===============================================================================================

Last month I’ve been participating in the full focus program of Hotel MariaKapel together with Candice Jacobs, Charlie Dance and Maarten Boekweit. The works we’ve been developing over there will be shown at the beautiful Maria Chapel! Opening: 19 December 19 – 21 h Exhibition: 20 December – 20 January ===============================================================================================

The videos I made during my residency in Madrid last Octobre will be screened during the 5th International Video Festival PROYECTOR @ Intercambiador. Los vídeos se podran ver los días: S15 y D16 DIC 18:00 – 22:00h S22 y D23 DIC 18:00 – 22:00h Y durante la semana mandando un email para una cita a: intercambiador.acart@gmail.com ===============================================================================================

I’m very happy to be part of the Full Focus program of Hotel MariaKapel in Hoorn. It’s a one month residency which will result in an exhibition. Opening: 19 December 19 – 21 h, Exhibition: 20 December – 20 January. More information soon! =============================================================================================== W E B S I T E  U P D A T E D ! ! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *new Don’t look at me, look at my teapot!  Mapping Traces =============================================================================================== Goethe-Institut Netherlands printed A1 posters of the project Meet the German: typical Dutch by German photographer Antje Peters & typical German by Dutch photographer Annegien van Doorn. Installation @ Goethe-Institut Rotterdam. View the whole series here ===============================================================================================

Today the  books of Avans 200 arrived at the studio!  Click here and have a look inside the book to see my work Mapping Traces.   ===============================================================================================

Artist talk @ the Academy of Fine Arts in Aranjuez, Spain

photo by Marta Goro ===============================================================================================   ===============================================================================================

I’m very proud Her Majesty Beatrix, the Queen of The Netherlands, received the first copy of the 200 Anniversary Books of Avans. A beautiful book designed by ATTAK • Powergestaltung which features my project Mapping Traces.  More about this project will follow soon!   ===============================================================================================   ===============================================================================================

This summer  I had an amazing time at the International Summer School of Photography in Latvia. One week full of lectures, portfolio reviews and a lot of fun with photographers from all around the globe!

I was delighted to participate in the workshop The Finishing Touches and I edited my work with Christian Caujolle, founder of VU Agence, Paris.

Other mastersclasses where given by  Phillip ToledanoJodi BieberArja HyytiäinenHellen van MeeneBas Vroege and Hans van der Meer So all you ambitious photographers out there, keep in mind next years application at ISSP!!!   =============================================================================================== The layout of my publication Mapping Traces is almost finished and I am very excited about it!   ===============================================================================================

FoMaa | Foto van de Maand | Juli 2012                                                                                    ORDER HERE


The Nightwatch coming alive at the Amsterdam Architect Bal. A commissioned work I made of the entrepreneurs of the Food Center for the City of Amsterdam. photo by Hans Peter Föllmi ===============================================================================================

Had a great time working as artist in residence at Villa Ockenburgh, Den Haag last week. Thank you Saskia Laurant and all other artists from Locatie Z!

locatiez =============================================================================================== BUNNIES at the cover of the Summer catalog of publishing house Prometheus! =============================================================================================== The presentation of my latest commissioned work Nachtwacht van het FCA. Now on view at different locations in Amsterdam! For current exhibition see aantafelmethetfca.nl From the 6th of February until the 23rd of April the Nachtwacht van het FCA is on display at theatre the Rode Hoed as part of the conferences Food Stupid. =============================================================================================== MERRY X-MAS! =============================================================================================== =============================================================================================== ===============================================================================================   =============================================================================================== ===============================================================================================   =============================================================================================== FASCINATIE BY ERIK KESSELS (Publication Adformatie, 1 April 2011) Even een paar minuten uit de hecktiek van de dag stappen en een klein beetje tijd voor elkaar maken. Gewoon samen een kopje thee drinken in het bos. Een bewijs van ware liefde en romantiek. De twee plastic zakjes onthullen dat zelfs aan de mogelijkheid dat het bankje nat kon zijn werd gedacht. Het stel is na afloop trouwens wel vergeten de boel op te ruimen. Gelukkig maar, want zo ontstaat er een werk van het Amsterdamse fototalent Annegien van Doorn. Met haar project “Quiet Afternoon” weet je nooit wat nou precies werkelijkheid of fictie is. En om eerlijk te zijn wil ik dat bij zo’n beeld ook helemaal niet weten. Het is mooi zo.

============================================================================================== DAS BANALE DING @ FRANJO STUDIO RAAMGALERIE, AMSTERDAM Meet with us outside the gallery @ Sunday 19.Dec from 3pm to 4pm ==============================================================================================